This is another beautiful single sheet Origami box by Tomoko Fuse. There are many other Pentagonal Origami box designs known, but really most of them are modular designs. This Origami Pentagonal Box has one quite unique feature, it has a sunk in bottom. This gives your box more stability as the folds that close up the bottom of your box are hidden away from the table.

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You will need 2 A4 (or even A3 or A5 – as long as the ratio is the same) size papers. Optional you can use an empty pen for helping you score lines with the ruler. This makes your folding more accurate. I would recommend you fold your single sheet Origami boxes with something sturdier than with thin regular Origami paper. Also be warned, this is an intermediate Origami model. The bottom and top have each a twist fold that might make you trouble.

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