I am kind of in love with boxes – even though I don’t fold them as much as I would like to. I especially like unique designs like the Rose Box by Shin Han-Gyo, I folded last year. So today I would like to introduce you to another wonderful and unique Origami Rose Box design. I really like how the rose is displayed in that geometric fashion. It is designed by the Japanese Origami artist Ayako Kawate. She publishes a lot of her work in the NOA (Nippon Origami Association) Origami magazines. Not only are her Origami designs driven by simplicity, yet so amazing – but the NOA magazine itself is a whole “box of cuteness”. You can find the diagram to this design in the NOA magazine Nr. 357 p. 23 or in the NOA Box Book, p. 48 {Amazon, & Origami Shop}.

Origami Rose Box Stats

This design (just like the Rose Box by Shin Han-Gyo) is put together with two sheets of paper. I guess you could call this design “Single Sheet Origami”, as the top and bottom part of the box are folded from one sheet of paper. You could use single colored paper or just Kami, which I did. Sometimes the white part from the underneath side of the paper peeks a bit through though.

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Hint: To get your Origami Rose Box perfectly aligned, you should use thin Kami paper!

I folded my boxes from 15 cm x 15 cm / 6 in x 6 in Kami paper. They resulting box is kind of small (about 4 cm x 4 cm x 2 cm/ 1.5 in x 1.5 in x 0.8 in) – maybe big enough to present some jewellery to someone. If you would like it bigger, maybe try folding it with larger paper.

The folding of the box is not very difficult. The whole design is based off the Origami W-Boat base (windmill base). This particular designer, Ayako Kawate, always invents very genius designs. Take for example the Rabbit Shaped Money Box, which I folded a little while ago. So you will definitely enjoy the simplicity out of which this model is folded.

The box is also kind of fragile, especially when folded from Kami paper. The Origami box holds it’s shape because the bottom of the box holds the top part properly in place. When you just fold it, the top would not hold it’s shape on it’s own so easily. So once you fold yours, push the top (the rose) properly inside the bottom part. Make sure it is all pushed in. Then after a few hours or a day, the top part of the box also holds it’s shape on it’s own.

I hope you enjoy this design as much as I did. 🙂

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