The Origami Rose is called Rous (薔薇) and is designed by Katsuhiko Yamakita 山北克彦. You can find the diagram in the Origami Tanteidan Convention book Vol. 24, p. 92.

Origami Rose Rous Katsuhiko Yamakita

After not folding any origami roses for about three years (besides my numerous versions of the Origami Rose Box), I came across this model in the above-mentioned magazine.

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There are 27 steps in the diagram, and this origami rose is surprisingly easy to fold. This origami rose has a neat little twist in the design, that will help you shape the rose into its final position. By folding down four folds underneath the rose bottom, the swirl of the rose goes into the proper position. Then you just release the folds from the bottom and you are finished.

Origami Rose Rous Katsuhiko Yamakita

Final Verdict

The origami rose “Rous” is a beautiful and easy to fold origami model. You don’t need to fold the twist fold that is required folding for example the Kawasaki Rose. This makes it easier to fold for beginning origamists.

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