Tomoko Fuse - Origami Spiral Boxes

Title: Origami Spiral Boxes

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Year: 2019

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Pages: 153

Language: English

Folded Models: Square Spiral Box 1, Pagoda Box 1

My personal notes: This is the second book to the series Origami Spirals from Tomoko Fuse from the German publishing house “Viereck Verlag“. The first book in the series is “Spiral – Origami | Art | Design“.

Origami Spiral Boxes is divided into 5 chapters. All of the models are spiral boxes – some are modular, and others from a single sheet of paper. Just like the first book, it feels like a combination of origami art photography and instruction book. But don’t be put off, the book is full of diagrams and models to fold. By folding some models, I think it is geared towards intermediate and advanced folders.

A beautiful and rare book, that’s not even available on Amazon. If you want to get a copy, try the Origami Shop or Viereck Verlag. By my own research (as I bought the book), it is cheaper to buy and ship from the Origami Shop than Viereck Verlag – at least if you buy from outside of Europe.

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