To complete the Origami StarPuff Box by Ilan Garibi, you will only need one sheet of A4 size paper. It is recommended you use thicker paper like card stock or better Tant. This will help keep your Origami Box in shape (especially if it is your first time folding this specific model).

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This Origami StarPuff Box Tutorial is divided into three parts. First you need to transform your A4 size rectangular paper into a hexagonal shape. (Some of these folds will be used later on also for shaping your Origami model.) The second part is the creasing of your hexagon, so that in the third part you can get your flat piece of paper into this beautiful star like shape.

Don’t be frustrated if you don’t succeed immediately shaping your paper into the final star box. I find it is best to fold each segment individually and only at the end gather all edges and fold them down (again the clock). You will see that they will suddenly all bend down and you will be left with this amazing Origami Star Box.

The measurements of the finished Origami StarPuff Box are: 10 cm / 4 in diameter.

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