I am somehow stuck on folding origami frogs. So let’s just “jump” right into today’s model, the origami talking frog ぱくぱく蛙 – which is an action model. It is designed by Teruo Tsuji 辻昭雄, a Japanese origami designer. If you want to fold this model too, you can find it in the NOA magazine Nr. 211, p. 13 or in the book “Action Origami” by Rick Beech.

Origami Talking Frog

A few words to this model

This model proves the point that things don’t have to be complicated to be good. With a few simple steps, you can make yourself a cute origami talking frog. Recommended even for a beginner!

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Paper Choice

Kami is your best choice for the origami talking frog (action model), as the eyes and open mouth really stand out if you use two colored paper. You could take double colored origami paper as well.

Origami Talking Frog

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