Let me show you another cute Origami design I found – the Origami Tortoise Box! As you might know already, I love unusual Origami designs and Origami boxes. So what better to combine those two together! By the way, the original title to this design by J is “Tortoise-shaped receptacle”. You can find the design in the NOA Book “Origami Boxes”, p. 22 [Original Book Title: 箱のオリガミ].

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To complete one box you will need 2 square sheets of paper. The tortoiseshell is less than 1/2 of the size of the paper for the body. You can use regular Kami or any other suitable paper. Only one side shows, so there is no need for double colored paper. I folded the body from 15 cm / 6 in Tant paper to provide more support and stability to the Origami Tortoise box. For the shell I used Korean Origami paper, which fit this design nicely.

The tortoise box design looks really pretty if you use two different kinds of Origami papers. For the body I used Japanese Tant paper. And for the tortoise shell I used Korean Jong Ie Nara paper patterned duo paper.

The Japanese instructions (diagrams) to the Origami Tortoise Box are easy to follow and the model is rated as a moderate beginner model.

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