And yet again – a beautiful geometric model by Tomoko Fuse! This is a modular design, that produces a Pattern Origami Box. The original title for this box is “Square Box A“, page 30. From the book “Joyful Origami Boxes“, by Tomoko Fuse.

By the way, I mentioned this book, Joyful Origami Boxes, in my personal library section of this site.

Pattern Origami Box

What’s so special about this design?

Well, you can really mix this design up and either bring more stripes and patterns into the foreground or less. It all depends how you start folding it (which side – white or colored is up). She describes the way of folding on page 30, but lets you know on page 32 that you can be creative with this same folding sequence.

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I even changed up the side, when folding the unit. Instead of the stripes only pointing to the left, mine also point to the right.

Pattern Origami Box

One of the easiest box designs!

It seems to me this specific Pattern Origami Box is one of the easiest folding sequences I came across from Tomoko Fuse. In roughly 6 steps you finish folding one unit.

Pattern Origami Box

What will you need?

You will need 8 sheets of square Kami or double colored origami paper. (4 for the top, 4 for the bottom) I liked Kami the most, as the white background brings out the patterned design the most. For all the boxes I folded, I used this specific Kami paper. (It’s one the I use most for all my foldings.)

Pattern Origami Box

What to look out for:

After folding the top of your box, it’s time to fold the bottom. In the book, it is described on page 42. Tomoko Fuse later discovered that there is a way to make it fit better. This is described in the book “Origami Box“, page 46. It’s almost identical, but a tiny step makes it fit more snuggly. If you only happen to have the one book, don’t worry about it.

Alternative Bottom

In the book “Joyful Origami Boxes” Tomoko Fuse introduces another way of folding the bottom. It’s quite pretty (more patterned) and as it is locked both from the inside and outside – much more durable.

Pattern Origami Box

If you want to know more about the dividers I used for these boxes, look up the article about “Modular Origami Box Tomoko Fuse“. There I go into detail where you can find the diagram for folding T and X dividers.

Pattern Origami Box
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