From previous origami works you know how much I love geometric origami boxes, and the Quasi-Crystalline Origami Box fits right into that category. It is designed by Philip Chapman-Bell, aka Oschene from Flickr. You can find more geometric origami designs from Philip Chapman-Bell on his website. If you like this origami box, you can find the diagram here.

Origami Quasi-Crystalline Tato Box

The Quasi-Crystalline Origami Box starts out differently than most origami – from a circle instead a square or rectangle. You can download the crease pattern and print it straight onto your intended paper or you can hand draft it with a compass, protractor and ruler yourself.

Print the CP or Hand Draft the Design?

If you want to create the crease pattern by hand, you could make a template and then copy the main points over onto your origami paper. I did that when I folded this design. Then you get the experience of geometry and a better understanding what drives this design. But you get the most accurate result if you just print out the CP onto your origami paper. See, different choices have pros and cons. You can see by my examples that they are not 100% accurate, because hand drafting is never as good as a CAD program on the computer.

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Origami Quasi-Crystalline Tato Box

Quasi-Crystalline Origami Box Design

The design for this origami box starts out from a Pentagon (or a step later a Decagon 10 sided polygon). By connecting different points within the Decagon you get to the crease pattern that drives the box.

If you would use Kami or any two colored paper, you can also see a color change in the closing part of the origami box.

Origami Quasi-Crystalline Tato Box

If you think that the box design looks a bit familiar, then you are right. There are other origami authors who played around with a star shaped box (tato) design. I while back I folded the Starpuff Box by Ilan Garibi. That design was based on a Hexagon. At that time I made a video tutorial for it, in case you are interested in a similar design experience.

Origami Quasi-Crystalline Tato Box

Another designer comes to my mind when comparing the Quasi-Crystalline Origami Box. It’s the Pelleas Box by Peter Keller. Also that one has the Hexagon as a base. I folded that one as well, but only as a test fold – so no pictures yet.

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