Title: Spiral Origami Art Design

Author: Tomoko Fuse

Tomoko Fuse - Spiral Origami Art Design

Year: 2012

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Pages: 345

Language: English

Folded Models: Butterfly on Leaf

My personal notes: This is the first book of the series of Spiral books by Tomoko Fuse from “Viereck Verlag” (a German publishing house specialising in origami books). Just like the second book “Origami Spiral Boxes“, this book only centers about origami spirals.

Spiral Origami Art Design is divided into 4 chapters. Between a few artful origami pictures you will find many intermediate and advanced origami spiral projects (diagrams). For some of the projects it might be wise to draw the CP in a cad program, as drawing it by hand wouldn’t be as accurate.

Even though this book was published in 2012, I managed to get a new copy this year through Amazon Germany. And don’t confuse this book with a Japanese Spiral book by Tomoko Fuse. The later one was published in 1995 and only has 78 pages, compared to 345 pages of this book.

Tomoko Fuse - Spiral Origami Art Design
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