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Help! I am looking for an old Shuzo Fujimoto book from 1976 or reprint from 2007. The book (more like a booklet) is from a series of 4 books (yellowish color). I am looking for the 4th book called Rittai Origami (English Translation: Solid Origami). It is light blue/greenish in color. Do you know where I can get a copy, even secondhand?

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Sept 17th: After quite some time, I made a new video tutorial: Super Easy Origami Box. I just recently discovered this traditional model, but I really like it for it’s simplicity and easy way of folding. And it’s super useful too: pencil tray (when folded from A4 paper), declutter box for drawers,… You might like it too. 🙂

Easy Origami Box Tutorial

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