The Rising Sun Origami Tato is another interesting example to create a scene purely by folding one sheet of origami paper. In this case it depicts The Rising Sun, which in turn is a symbol for Japan. This model is a design by Djordje Jovanovic. The diagram is published in two books: Tanteidan 21st Origami Convention and in the Czech Origami Convention Book 2015.

Origami The Rising Sun Tato

In general I prefer folding origami models from book diagrams than from videos. But in this case the diagram is pretty difficult to follow. Luckily, the author of The Rising Sun, Djordje Jovanovic, has created a tutorial video of this model.

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If you like the design and would like to fold it, I would recommend you use pretty large paper for your first try. I folded mine with 25 cm paper, but if you have 30 cm to 35 cm paper, then try with that size first. The author recommends that in his video as well.

The Rising Sun Origami Tato is a beautiful scene with the sun with it’s rays in the background and snow-capped Mt. Fuji in the front. The rays are probably the most challenging to fold as you need to reverse quite a bit of folds to achieve the final origami scene.

If you enjoy folding slightly challenging origami envelope models, then have a look at the Origami Butterfly on Leaf by Tomoko Fuse. That model uses geometry to create a butterfly on a water lily pad.

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