This wonderful Origami Kusudama is designed by Nicaraguan Origami artist Aldo Marcell. You can find more of his fabulous Origami designs on his personal Flickr page. Besides creating beautiful Kusudamas he designs Origami flowers, Sonobe Modules and Origami Stars. More of his Origami work can be found here.

Folding Information

You will need 30 square duo colored papers. It is best if you use paper that is around 7.5 cm x 7.5 cm/ 3 in x 3 in. I made one Tornado Kusudama from paper that was around 9 cm x 9 cm/3.5 in x 3.5 in, which was OK too. If the paper is too big, your Kusudama might not hold it’s shape, so be warned.

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One of my Kusudamas I folded was made from different colored paper. It gives it a more unique look. You might want to try that too. The regular Tornado Kusudama that you see around is usually made from the same colored paper. This gives the model the dramatic “tornado” effect.

To fold all 30 papers into is shape takes a little while. You probably need around 5 minutes for each one.

You can fold this Tornado Kusudama from different shades of the same color, like mine from Kami paper, or try to spice it up by using Duo Colored paper to get more color variety!


To assemble your Tornado Kusudama takes time and patience. I did not include that in my video tutorial. I only show you the initial steps how to connect the single modules together. If it gets to frustrating and your modules simply don’t want to stay connected, don’t be ashamed if you use glue. I needed to use glue for both Tornado Kusudamas I folded. I heard some people have success by helping themselves with paper clips. Even if you use glue, the assembly takes also a good 30 minutes – especially if you don’t want the glue to show on the final model.

This Tornado Kusudama is an intermediate project. The folding itself is not difficult, but the assembly is a bit tricky.

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