One of my recent origami explorations was into 3 sided origami twist folds. Besides other structures, I came up with a Triangle Sliding Origami Box. You could use this origami box as a pencil case or any other origami gift box.

What Materials Do You Need?

To complete this Triangle Sliding Origami Box Tutorial you will need 2 A4 sheets of paper. I used colored copy paper, but you could also use card stock or other paper. You will also need a ruler, pencil and tool for scoring your paper.

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Triangle Sliding Origami Box Tutorial

What Measurements Should You Use?

In my video tutorial for the Triangle Sliding Origami Box I used the following measurements: Lid 29.6 cm x 21 cm; Measure from bottom 3 cm (twist closing) and 6.5 cm from top. Inner tube should be slightly smaller 29.6 cm x 20.35 cm; Measure 2.9 cm from bottom (twist closing) and 2.7 cm from top.

Triangle Sliding Origami Box Tutorial

Your Own Measurements

You don’t have to use my measurements, as you can easily adjust to your own. All you need to do is divide the width of the paper into 4 (width). Then you multiply the result with the multiplication factor of 0.577. This will give you the height of your twist closing segment. The other measurements don’t need to follow a specific pattern and you can choose them as you like.

If you would like to get deeper into the mathematical part, you should visit my Incense Sachet Tutorial. There I described the calculations and multiplication factors a bit more.

Triangle Sliding Origami Box Tutorial


Even if you are relatively new to origami, triangular twist folds are quite easy to master (from all twist foldings). And thus, with very little effort you can create a beautiful sliding box. Have fun!

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